Final Reflection on Creating a Concept in 60

The benefits of other’s creativity

Peer review is essential in any classroom – really. Seeing how others approach the same creative problem can leave each better understanding their own ideas. I’ve always found it the strongest tool a teacher can use to encourage communication and creativity.

Viewing other classmates’ Concepts in 60 helped me think through some of my own problems. For instance, learning about one’s minimalist project made me realize keeping things simple might make my ideas shine brighter, and that’s just one instance.

Final touchups

After recording the music, there was a lot of sound editing to be done. My friend and I may have ten years of clarinet-playing experience, but we’re no pros. There were a lot of issues with the recording, and I learned recording music is much much much longer process than I thought it would be. The same can be said for editing video footage and sound effects. Leaving ample time to do it all is one of the most important.

The project is nearly done, and I’m so excited to share it on this blog soon.


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