Update on My Concept in 60

My thoughts

The number one takeaway from this assignment has been learning how to combine media effectively. You always hear and inherently know that things like music and space and light and whatever are important. It’s a much different thing to create music and space and the rest. It’s like when you watch Shrek and take for granted that some poor soul had to sit there and animate each blade of grass, each tiny leaf, the clouds, an entire forest. You know it’s important, but having to create intimate details in an organic fashion is entirely more difficult than anyone realizes. That level of deep thinking is what technical writers must learn to use. Everything must be created, and even the most menial task cannot be overlooked. Everything is important, even nothing.

On a lighter note, let me also say that this project has been a delight. Too many of my classes teach me how to manufacture facts and papers, but learning how to be creative is the true goal of education. Anyone can learn dates or grammar or words. Creativity is something that must be practiced and separates the good from the great. I mean, I know Trump is cutting all the arts’ funds, but this class proves that creativity can be taught even in traditional classes. There is hope for us yet.


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