Creating Effective Storyboards

Creating a Storyboard for my Concept in 60

Creating a storyboard is a lot like trying to take pictures of the movie playing in your head. What’s most important? You may think, “all of it,” but that doesn’t help anyone visualize what you’re trying to say.

In creating this storyboard, I took into account not what I thought was most important, but what a viewer might need to know. Viewers need themes, not the whole story, much in the same way that a summary gives highlights and not the whole story – that’s what the book is for after all. Here is the storyboard I created for my video: Nature in 60 Seconds.

Ci60- Storyboard

Notice first the great artistic talent you didn’t know I had. Second, I did my best to break up the sequence into three main parts, as my video will. Each focuses on a different aspect of nature, and I wanted to make that distinction clear.

I also attempted to show transitions. See the fade sections at the end of the “Intro” and “Pt. III.” We’ve talked on this blog again and again about the importance of nothingness, and here is another example. All these jumbled images would make no sense in sequence without obvious breaks between unlike content.

Finally, I chose a few key images from each part to highlight. Instead of showing the whole story, you see what I want my viewers to remember, the images I hope will stick with them as they have me.

The musical measure numbers further segment the sections by score. All this in an attempt to highlight what’s important within a clear structure. Remember, a good storyboard gives you only what’s important. The in-betweeners are for the gutters between the framed images.


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