Gathering Assets for a Concept in 60

Gearing up for Concept in 60

Understanding my needs and limits with this project is going to be crucial. There will need to be timetables, lists, everything. Let me show you what I’ve been working on.

What do I need?

Oddly enough, I started this project without a topic. I just started to write the music for the piece and assigned a topic to it based on what abstract concept I felt it was portraying.

Assets Chart

Having the music written doesn’t mean I’m done there, though. I need to record it being played, but I already have the two musicians, myself and a friend. The music has segmented sections for each section of my topic I want to talk about. I chose a walk through a park because the beginning reminds me of some stately trees. The next part reminds me of little birds, and so on. So, the pictures will blend perfectly with the audio, since it was designed first!

Other than recording the piece, I need to record some nature. I’ll be home next week, and there’s a cute little park that should have everything I need. As far as time goes, I have so much done for this project, more than others I’m working on whose due dates are approaching more rapidly. As a result, I’m very excited to have enough time to make this what I want. You very rarely get that in a project. It’s going to be good!



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