“Blood” & “Time Frames” by Scott McCloud


Blood: As the name does not suggest, this comic deals with the lighter topic of “reality.” What makes something real to us even though we’ve never sensually experienced it with our own eyes, ears, hands, noses, and mouths? We only get a segmented view of reality and just trust that the rest, the stuff of encyclopedias and Discovery Channel documentaries, is real too. In the same way, this text’s format, a comic strip, trusts that you can piece together adjacent images logically even though there is white spaces of nothing. Even though, you still “see” it as a movie in your mind.

Time Frames: As the name suggests, this comic was all about time. What time is. Is it like a rope, connecting one moment to the next, twisting and turning and knotting? Can you even put your finger on a “moment” in time? There are so many feelings, sounds, sights in one moment. Where does one moment stop and the next begin? Time may not even be real. Think about it. What is the past or future? Nothing exists but the now, meaning we can conceptualize non-permanent objects like past and future, but having an image in your mind doesn’t make those real. This comic explores all those issues in an attempt to broaden our overly-simplified ideas about time.

My reaction

Talk about a mind-blowing comic strip. This is nothing like your morning “Garfield,” this author used a fun medium to convey deep and complicated thoughts. Not only is that brilliant, it pushes the boundaries of serious subjects past the confines of a text only medium. Images and videos are often seen as less prestigious, which is proven ridiculous because these two comics communicate so well, if not better, than a traditional article might have. It goes to show that the rules of communication are changing. Embracing multimodality takes into account that your audience might be sick and tired of reading pages and pages and pages of letters and paragraphs.

Why does this matter?

Why doesn’t this matter? Obviously, we aren’t all learning to write comics in schools, so I think one of the reasons this text is so successful is that it turns the genre on its head in a fresh and engaging way. Teachers always tell you to capture your reader’s attention. Well, shaking up the medium, even combining media, is a fantastic way to realize that goal.


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