Concept in 60

What is a Concept in 60 seconds?

This idea packages a great deal of information in a tiny, 60-second video. In order to do that without creating a train wreck of a video to be devoured by YouTube comments, the information has to be well-organized, put into simple terms, and offer insight into a significant concept.

To give you a general picture of what this can look like, watch how the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended condensed eight feature Harry Potter films into one delightful 90-second video.

What’s different about this project?

My video will not end up looking like this. For example, my concept will be presented as a collage of videos and music and pictures surrounding a central idea. I won’t be explaining the plot of a seven-book series. To transform this video into a  Concept in 60 for, I would have to eliminate the narrative and look at it as if it were “in the wild.” Meaning, I’m not spoiling the visuals with my thoughts, rather, the material will explain the concept for me.

Lego Harry Potter does offer some guidance. For example, this video is successful because it highlights only the most important details to include. In 60 seconds, you don’t have time to lull over minutia. This video also portrays how something abstract, like plastic legos, can represent a larger idea. Symbolism will be important in order to fill out my concept. It’s also really funny. Adding emotion makes the audience want to watch.

What I want to talk about.

I would love to talk about adoption. What does it look like to adopt a dog or cat. In my mind, I see images of waggy-tailed dogs leaving with happy children; paper work; animals that haven’t been adopted yet; dogs behind bars in small cages; echoey rooms full of barking. It’s a dynamic topic, to be sure. Ideally, I’d be able to record footage at a local animal shelter. To clarify, I wouldn’t be focusing on the daily routine of just one shelter, but one must stand for all given my temporal and permissive contraints.


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